For Donation and Our Future

Ok guys, Here is the think that me an Thyny think of about donation for us. This below is actually the rules we need to follow 1.) The release speed for the chapter is 2 to 3 chapter a weeks for normal release. 2.)Whenever we reach 20$(usd) we will release an extra chapter within 48 hours … Continue reading For Donation and Our Future


Piggy Duke 12

Ya halo guys~ Ok then, after some discussion we decided we will open donation for our site. For the details I would like to discuss it in the post after this chapter. Well, I won't hold you for long for this chap. Please do enjoy! Please do support us by reading it HERE ← Piggy … Continue reading Piggy Duke 12

Be Ready For Another Surprise

And now some big announcement.......  WE HAVE AN EDITOR Woooohooooo yeaaaah!!!!!  ....somehow i can't your excitement here....  Oh well please warmly welcome  Tnyhy!!!!  She will make all my chapter more readable for human.....  Please keep supporting us from now on!!!