I try what you guys suggest to me

Hey guys, i try making new web as you guys suggest to me.

I was trying to put your idea together and make it as fast as i can

But to be honest with you for someone like me who only a user,

tweaking a website is hell for me even though it is one of the easiest

web editor my friend recommended to me.

Please do check my website and don’t afraid to say what do you think about it.

Because personally WordPress is  a lot easier to use for me.


Oh yeah before I forget I will still post my piggy duke here and please wait patiently for the next episode~

6 thoughts on “I try what you guys suggest to me

  1. I glanced through the site quickly. My main concern would be if it works on my RSS feed, but I checked and that’s okay.

    A point I’m not sure if you would be concerned about. I don’t anywhere to leave comments on the post.


  2. I think your site is beautiful, but the site take a bit longer time to load than your wordpress for every click…. (4g lte)
    Also no comment section no fun 😚


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