Piggy Duke 6

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6.) I become A Little Bit Thinner

When i was wake up in the morning, Charlote who want to wake me up standing fidgety waiting dor me in front of the door/

[Slow-sama, where would-]

[Charlote!! Look at this!!]

When the door only open up a little, Charlote with her beautiful silver hair swaying enter the room while keep her vision downward. I’m surprised, as expected of Charlote to be waiting in front of the door like that.Then she look up and see my face. She step back a bit and observed my body entirely.

[…Waa. It’s true it’s became a bit thinner]

[Isn’t it! I did it! My one week diet showing it’s result!]

While my tears of happiness dropping i throw myself in to the bed again. Those week of torture, those memory came back all at once to me. I have to hold back my urge to eat what I want, I even shutout all those sweet candy and cookie. I didn’t even drink any juice, even I use my free time to move my body. I always think the result will show up one day, but i never thought it will be this fast!

At last, I can say GOODBYE to those special size uniform!

[Charlote! Prepare a uniform one size smaller!]

[Understood Slow-sama’s uniform is a special order so it need a few days to prepared, The truth is i already prepared your uniform in my room. For the breakfast, do you wish to wear your uniform now?]

[No, I don’t need breakfast now! I just want to cherished this moment!]

With my usual heavy step I walked back to my bed.

I just looked like a drowning pig right now, but don’t be mistaken, this is called happiness! Those week filled with torture. Running while hearing those gossiping people talking about me, if I have a second helping for lunch i will be tormented with sleepiness in class, while at night I have to fight with hunger before i can to sleep.

But those things are for this glorious day!

For some reason Charlote looking at me now while thinking. Charlote cool, expressionless face suddenly crumble.

[You cannot do that Slow-sama. You have to eat breakfast]

[No way Charlote. I don’t want to go to the dining hall while wearing this shameful uniform. I feel i will be laugh at if they see this big wobbly uniform]

The first time i eat in the dining hall i broke my chair, and i did it for the next three days. And for some unknown reason there is a big sturdy chair in the corner of the banquet hall. It’s a special chair prepared for me. From that day on it become my own special seat.

After the first time that blond hair talk to me he keep trying to talk to whenever i was there. Even when i said i don’t need it he keep presenting me with food, and also he keep praising my magic for some reason, I don’t know what kind of think running in his head.

[That’s why i don’t need breakfast]

I pull my blanket to cover my body once more and i begin to sleep once again. If i sleep now i believe i will see a very beautiful dream. For example, a beautiful dream where i live a happy live with Charlote.

Even though my stomach is screaming i have to endure it, only by enduring it only by that I can become thinner. After that i can fulfilled my ideal, I can become a MACHO man, a great person, only after that i will confess my feeling to Charlote!

[Then Slow-sama. Should I make a simple dish for you now?]

…Only by that temptation i can’t hold back against it.

TL note

Hmmm it’s the shortest chp so far. I think i can do one more Chapter. I will do it if my ISP not acting up again

26 thoughts on “Piggy Duke 6

  1. Uh, no, don’t wait that long to confess. Just demonstrate that you are on the correct trajectory, and then go for it. Don’t give the protagonist a chance to edge you out. 😋

    Thanks for the chapter! 😄


  2. Hmm, suddenly I had a thought.
    If piggy fat->muscle + wind magic=speed enchantment… isn’t that basically a speeding tank already!
    What’s more, if there’s flight magic… Scary! Just thinking about it is already scary!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally agree. Maybe since I’m in the states I see a lot of really fat people, but he doesn’t seem that bad. I mean yeah, he isn’t suited for running at all, but compared to lots of people I’ve seen I’m not sure why he’s even being made fun of for it.


  3. Hmm… Is that the picture the pic of him after diet?… I have always pictured him into 1 of my really obese friend. My friend is a really nice kid, but no matter what you see he’s really really fat with soft skin like an animal the duke always compared of. Only a bit over 150 cm but the weight might reach 150kg…


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